Not Knowing, Only Loving

Not Knowing, Only Loving


When I was twenty-two,

and my old dog was a puppy,

I had no earthly understanding

of what loss might feel like.


I didn’t know the knife’s sharp incision,

like a flash of light,

that could disappear an entire

generation, and all its memories.


I didn’t know the slow acid-burn of grief,

the way a small crystal or arrowhead could

send me into spirals of shame –

why does this have to take so long?


I didn’t know the way to connect

until one whose time is near

led me to this simple water:


Not knowing.

Only loving.

Photo: Valerie Nilson


Published by Valerie Nilson

Poet, creator of Honor It All, and a devoted yoga teacher and practitioner, Valerie attempts to follow this simple advice: "Trust your life". www.valerienilsonyoga.com

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