Saying Yes, Even to the No’s

Saying Yes, Even to the No’s


I can finally see them:

all the little

(and not-so-little)

ways I say “no” to the life

right in front of my eyes.


What would it feel like to say “yes”?

To say “darling, yes”?


My spine shivers,

My belly softens.

I can finally see the wide




of the sky.

Photo: Valerie Nilson


Published by Valerie Nilson

Poet, creator of Honor It All, and a devoted yoga teacher and practitioner, Valerie attempts to follow this simple advice: "Trust your life". www.valerienilsonyoga.com

2 thoughts on “Saying Yes, Even to the No’s”

  1. Carol Sullivan says:

    Magnificent & compelling!

    1. Valerie says:

      Thank you, Carol! That means a lot to me, since you are such a fantastic writer yourself. I miss you! Hope you’re well. Xoxo

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