Fawn Confronts the Forest

Fawn Confronts the Forest


A fawn

brought to woods of endless winter

stripped to a stark whiteness

the young creature walks out of place among colorless trees

all rooted to beds

and to chairs

measured by the bare branches of machinery

the sprawled rubber branches breathe and eat for them

one tree sees its visitor


Should the fawn’s presence please them?

can its youth warm this withered prisoner

with its bark of crumpled paper

or does the quietly frightened fawn mock them in their stillness?

can such a small creature

through ignorance and newness to the world

navigate some feeling of joy through this sickly winter?


The fawn reaches

but reads no smile amid the crippled confusion

the fawn sees only its own feelings reflected

as the two mirror one another with

blizzard blurred distance


The tree sees a careless former freedom

fallen and buried

and the fawn feels a tree’s winter paralysis

frozen in the headlights of a car

80 years away

Photo by the author


Published by Ryan Rutkoskie

Ryan Rutkoskie writes poetry for live performance and for the page. He has participated in competitions with the Las Vegas, Saint George and Austin slam teams.

One thought on “Fawn Confronts the Forest”

  1. Valerie Nilson says:

    The question of whether youth sparks joy or envy is so relevant to our human lives. A wonderful poem, Ryan.

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