Springtime in Maryland

Springtime in Maryland



          “Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished.” Lao Tzu



Red maples dip their

fingers in crimson-colored paints,


while pear trees coat themselves

with tufts of cotton, and cherry trees


open their blossom eyes to greet the

warm return of sunshine.


All the while, the tallest trees –

poplars, oaks, and elms –


prefer to take their time,

remaining naked in the wind.


Remember, they say, we don’t all need

this colorful commotion to wake up.


Remember, they whisper, that time means

very little when you’re growing strong roots,


when you’re drinking deeply

of the snowmelt and the showers.




Published by Valerie Nilson

Poet, creator of Honor It All, and a devoted yoga teacher and practitioner, Valerie attempts to follow this simple advice: "Trust your life". www.valerienilsonyoga.com

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