Valerie Nilson


Poet, creator of Honor It All, and a devoted yoga teacher and practitioner, Valerie attempts to follow this simple advice: “Trust your life”.


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Rayla Rutkoskie 


Rayla writes the truth about any shame she carries so she can let it go. Her hope is that by sharing her words, others carrying shame can be shown the choice to let it go and start on their own journey to heal.


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Ryan Rutkoskie 


Ryan Rutkoskie writes poetry for live performance and for the page. He has participated in competitions with the Las Vegas, Saint George and Austin slam teams.


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Aranya Steinmeyer


I love seeing the beauty in everyday life. For me, photography is capturing the uniqueness of the moment. It’s a tool to look a little closer into our natural world. It brings me joy!


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Celina Cavazos


Celina has high hopes of a career in the medical field. No matter how much technology she is surrounded by, she finds time to dwell in nature. Hiking is her favorite pass time and now that she is a mom, her daughter comes along too!


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