Thank you for considering a submission to Honor It All. Have you read the About page? You’ll get a feel for what we’re about here, and what kinds of subjects we’re interested in publishing (hint: reverence for this human life and the world we live in).


Although at this time we cannot offer compensation, your work and website or social feeds will be shared with our readers.


You are invited to share this site with any and all interested humans, as more readership means this community grows and thrives. We’re in this together.



How to Submit


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Poetry + Prose

Your work should center around the following themes:


  • Inner Lives (meditation, spirituality, devotional practices, philosophy, curiosity)
  • Human Connection (relationships – the sublime and the messy, our Oneness)
  • Our Relationship with the Natural World (love for nature, concern for Earth’s future, nature as a manifestation of the Divine, seasonal musings)

As you can tell, we’re suckers for philosophical musings. Be as vivid and imaginative as possible, without muddling your meaning ‘just because’.


We follow the feel of the natural world and the seasonal changes of the Northern Hemisphere – we’re interested in exploring the way the Earth affects our relationships, our feelings, and our energies. Poems do not necessarily need to reference a season, but if they do, please note they will be published when the correct season is upon us.



We publish photography in two ways:

  1. Each post is paired with a seasonal nature photo, and credited to the photographer.
  2. Our header photo is rotated on a seasonal basis, and is credited to the photographer in the About page.

We appreciate photos that are recently taken and reflect your home environment. Photos should be taken by you and no one else.


With Gratitude.

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